AUTHORS WANTED! We would like to invite you to join our team and write cool stuff about characters. Every author’s name is announced with posts, which goes across 10k followers of our page. If you’re good, you’ll be permanent and GET PAID!!! Send us samples of your writings in messages!  We’re waiting ❤️  Another post for this page, I hope you like it. #rich
   Hello, this is Ray, a character in the Promised Neverland, would you believe that most intellectuals like Ray is an introvert? Aloof and do not socialize, however, he is the most loyal character to me..... #anime
 Zero Two is an iconic character to act as a flagship for Darling in the Franxx. She has an infamous reputation as the "Partner Killer" who aspires to become fully human. She is well known for addressing Hiro, the protagonist, by the eponymous term "darling". I find her fully human, even better with such clarity about her desires.. she does what she feels like, isn't that what we all want to be?? #zerotwo  Meet Horikita Suzune, an Elite, super passionate about gambling. Likes living on the edge or is she really know-it-all girl. What you say ...?
 Saitama, main character in One-Punch Man.. also the most powerful being to exist in this series. A hero, so powerful that felt bored.. mmm.. I liked Manga look much stronger.. .. what yo’ll think about him??  Anime + Insta - #Anista
 Sae Chabashira, faculty at Advanced Nurturing school. A character in You-Zitsu. She is serious, adhering to rules, not just by appearance, but by life experiences. Watching? “What is Evil? Whatever springs from Weakness”.   If you are interested in contributing to Anime Characters catalogue, let us know. We are working on this site. Just comment. . #anime #animefans #animes
 Sebastian Michaelis, a demon butler. Dedicated, true servant with magic, very courteous.. Upon orders he can be ruthless and sadistic.. If I can have servant like him, it can be amazing.. what you say?
 Eyes of despair #broken

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